Meltdown and Spectre update blog

Meltdown and Spectre Update

Google’s Project Zero team recently discovered a security vulnerability affecting most modern CPUs. This vulnerability…

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Seventeen PoPs and Growing

The induction of our newest cluster in Dubai brings our total tally of PoPs to…

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Service Signup suspension

Suspension of New Signups at select PoPs

Due to certain performance issues that we have been facing with provisioning of new nodes…

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Freebies for next 5 days

Achtung Labs 5th Birthday Bash

We turn 5 today! And the festive mood is all around. To celebrate, we are…

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The First Achtung Q&A Saturday is here!

Introducing Achtung Q&A Saturdays

We are insanely passionate about all things Internet. And we strongly believe that a connected…

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Big-Data and its Analysis

Big data analytics is basically about two things big data and analytics, and how the…

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Data Security in Cloud

Cloud computing, in the simpler terms means storing and accessing data and programs over the…

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Secured Online Cloud Computing Concept with business man

Things While Choosing Email Hosting Service

Email hosting service is an internet hosting service that focuses primarily on email servers. Now-a-day’s…

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Take your hosting to the stars

Web Hosting for the Space Age

Update: Thank you all for your response on our April Fools Day Prank, we will…

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5 steps to secure your WordPress blog

WordPress is a completely free tool used to create dynamic websites. Originally, WordPress was developed…

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