Managed Disaster Recovery Solutions for SMBs and Enterprises alike

Starting at $ 99 / month

Tailor Made Plans

All our plans are tailor made to suit specific industries and each aspect of which is fully customizable, so that you always have 100% control in choosing the DR Plan for your organization.

Straightforward Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to be as atomic as possible, so that you always know exactly what you are being billed for and why.

Security & Compliance

Our services meet the highest international standards when it comes to Data Security and Compliance with state of the art SAS16 / ISO270001 compliant data centers and advanced physical security at our DC locations, safety is never an issue.

True Multipoint Architechure

With 14 Points of Presence in 8 countries , Choose a datacenter near you to effect a quick recovery while also maintaining a secondary and tertiary backup in other locations to provide that extra redundancy and at the same time protecting you against geographic factors.

Availability you can count on

The Achtung Cloud network is built on rock solid infrastructure, using only TIER-III and TIER-IV DDoS protected datacenters, ensuring you a 99.99% guaranteed uptime.

Efficient And Affordable

Being a managed offsite service, you do not need to worry about staffing , planning, maintaining hardware or running preparedness drills , We do that for you, which results in huge cost savings!

Plans taliored for you

For today’s connected businesses Data security and integrity is essential. And there is so much that can go wrong, infact organizations report lost data regularly caused by factors such as:

Earthquakes / Natral Disasters
Fire or Explosions
Unexpected Power Outages
Software Bugs
Malicious Attacks / Virus / Ransomware infestations
Or even Human error

Achtung Labs’ Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Solution is designed to help organizations keep going even in the face of the most destructive of circumstances.

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Rapid Deployment

Implementing a custom Disaster Recovery Plan in house can be a cumbersome and slow process. Taking upto months to plan and implement fully. Our DR Plans on the other hand are custom tuned to the specific requirements of multiple industries, which means we can have a plan suited to your organization setup and in place in hours rather than months.

The keyword is recovery

Once a disaster or failure does occur, the challenge is not only having a backup of your data in place but also being able to get our organization back up and running as fast as possible, losing the least amount of time in lost business and productivity. Our solution implements a quick restore plan that you can execute in case of a failure, allowing most of the restoration to happen over an automated process, without any delays.

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Secured against all possibilities

A data loss incident can be caused by any number of factors, so we’d like to be prepared. We implement a multi stage authentication procedure to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and making changes to your DR plan. We maintain an offline tertiary backup to protect against a smart attack that might influence your data over a period of time. With Achtung DRaaS, your data is in safe hands.

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Available Addons

WHM/cPanel $11/mo CloudLinux $15/mo CloudLinux with cPanel $10/mo
Windows 2008/2012/8.1 $17.95/mo Microsoft SQL $15/mo Rapid SSL $14.95/yr
Rapid SSL Wildcard $149.95/yr