Professional managed cloud hosting solutions for your business.

Starting at $ 15 / month

Fully Customizable Plans

You choose each component that goes into your CDN Deployment form the exact PoPs you want to the DDoS Shield and Media Delivery Platform.

Optimized for media delivery

Our inbuilt media delivery engine will encode and optimize media for delivery to all devices (mobile to 4k) automatically providing your users with the best experience while providing you with huge cost savings

45 Points of Presence to choose from

Between us and our partner networks we are able to provide 45 points of presence to choose from in 18 countries and all 6 continents, we’re still working on Antarctica though.

Inbuilt DDoS Protection

Being on the Achtung CDN Network your webservice is automatically protected against DDoS Attacks because the brunt of the attack is mitigated and bypassed by our servers so that your service remains unaffected.

Availability you can count on

The Achtung Cloud network is built on rock solid infrastructure, using only TIER-III and TIER-IV DDoS protected datacenters, ensuring you a 99.98% guaranteed uptime.

Absolutely no technical knowledge required

Our team of web technology experts are able to advise on converting any type of webservice to be able to use the CDN platform and can also implement the necessary changes for you if you choose.

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Speed Speed Speed!

Research shows that users will usually leave your website prematurely if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. Having a local point of presence close to your user not only allows you to reach them faster it also takes the load off your primary web server distributing it across our grid of edge nodes, thereby boosting the reliability of your service.

Automation is in our blood

The entire process of Achtung CDN is engineered for automatic operation, once setup the edge networks automatically update themselves from your publisher node. Any network errors are automatically reported and network failures in local networks are automatically bypassed by our intelligent routing system. The edge nodes are also capable of automatically detecting a potential DDoS attack across geographic regions and filter them out so that your services are not affected.

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Inbuilt Analytics

Achtung CDN nodes are pre-configured with a powerful analytics engine which allows you to track your web performance online. You can track your visitors and monitor how the service is performing using a wide variety of metrics in real time.

Secured against all possibilities

A data loss incident can be caused by any number of factors, so we’d like to be prepared. We implement a multi stage authentication procedure to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and making changes to your DR plan. We maintain an offline tertiary backup to protect against a smart attack that might influence your data over a period of time. With Achtung DRaaS, your data is in safe hands.

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Available Addons

WHM/cPanel $11/mo CloudLinux $15/mo CloudLinux with cPanel $10/mo
Windows 2008/2012/8.1 $17.95/mo Microsoft SQL $15/mo Rapid SSL $14.95/yr
Rapid SSL Wildcard $149.95/yr