Big-Data and its Analysis

June 10, 2016 - 3 minutes read


Big data analytics is basically about two things big data and analytics, and how the two have teamed up to create most profound trend in business today. It is emerging as a most important technology now.

Many of you might not be seeing this word “Big-Data” for the first time, but let me allow to enlighten you on this. Meaning is as simple as the word seems. The term simply refers to large amount of data generally measured in terabytes or even petabytes, that swamp business on day-to-day basis. The term may be new to you but the whole act of gathering information, storing it analysing, is ages old. Earlier either the data doesn’t existed or was on paper in cabinets, hard to access and impossible to analyse.

Big data now is being generated by every single around us and that too at an alarming rate.

Definition of big data include:

  • Volume
  • Velocity
  • Variety

But SAAS(Software as a service) include:

  • Variability
  • Complexity

Analysing this big data is what we called big data analytics.

Why use big data analytics ?

In the early 2000’s data volume storage skyrocketed and CPU technologies where flooded by the numerous terabytes of big data—to the point that IT faced a data scalability crisis. Due to this many enterprises experienced down fall. But today this big data is helping them exploring facts that they didn’t knew before. Analysing data can enable employee to take better decisions. Earlier it used to be a technical problem ,now this is an business opportunity. Using  analytics, enterprises can study big data to understand the current state of the business and can find more evolving aspects for the betterment of the enterprise. Analysing data can enable employee to take better decisions. Organisations are able to work in a faster way and stay agile.

Big data analysis is widely being used in almost every fields be it medical, IT, social media everywhere.

Big-Data storage

Hadoop is a platform that enables manage big data in easy way. As told earlier big data files are really really big, so cannot  be stored in traditional storage media. Hadoop allow us to save those big data in one particular node or server. It also provide compatible frame work for processing the data.

We here at Achtung Labs know the unlimited potential big data brings to your organization. Get in touch with a representative from Achtung Labs to find out how we can turbocharge your big data application / project.



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