Seventeen PoPs and Growing

December 20, 2017 - 2 minutes read


The induction of our newest cluster in Dubai brings our total tally of PoPs to 17! We are now capable of serving locally from 14 countries in 4 continents.

But how does that affect an everyday internet user you ask? There’s a number of reasons you might want to be able to choose where your data is hosted, for example:

  1. Speed: Think of it this way, would you not want your favorite restaurant to be walking distance from where you stay rather than 50 miles away. Think of the quick delivery times, not having to cross city limits (possibly tolls) to get there every time you want to eat out. The internet isn’t really much different, not going into technical details, every time you request data form a server your device has to send that request to a remote website several miles away, via multiple intermediate stations (called hops) the fewer the hops (distance) the quicker the response time will be.
  2. Fewer points of failure: Since the internet is a vast collection of interconnected computer networks, each internet request is routed through various other networks before it reaches its destination, having fewer hops also reduces the chances of a particular packet being dropped or lost, leaving you with a dreaded error message.
  3. Compliance with local laws: Several countries have specific laws to govern how user information is stored and/or used, and the data related laws of a particular country apply only to data held in servers in that country. Having the option of choosing where your server is located gives you the power to not be leverage and benefit from local laws of a particular country.
  4. Easy migration: Setting up a private CDN, an offsite DR solution or just moving your server to another geographic location is a piece of cake through our inter-connected network.

With this we are firmly placing our sights southward, stay tuned for New PoPs in South Africa and South America in 2018!