Things While Choosing Email Hosting Service

May 25, 2016 - 3 minutes read
Secured Online Cloud Computing Concept with business man

Secured Online Cloud Computing Concept with business man

Email hosting service is an internet hosting service that focuses primarily on email servers. Now-a-day’s this is a common trend for companies and businesses to opt for custom email address for their employees.

Making a decision on which email hosting provider to choose can be a daunting task. Additionally the 99% uptime guarantee being ubiquitous makes it much more challenging.

So below listed are a few things which should be kept in mind before choosing any hosted email solution.

  • Security Issues:- The solution should provide complete spam protection and ensure that all hosted email addresses are completely protected from viruses and malware. This is an important issue to consider and the provider should clearly state the security principles and ethics.
  • Customizable:-The E-mail hosting services should be easily customizable in order to accommodate any business need.
  • Price:-One of the most important criteria while choosing a provider is price. Although, it should never be the deciding factor as it is likely to compromise with other aspects including security,scalability, etc. So it is always advisable to compare different plans of different mail providers, catering to your requirements.
  • Easy to use:-Since after choosing hosting service you will be the administrator to handle all the emails of your employees. Hence the interface should be easy to understand and should be able to accomplish all tasks proficiently.
  • Customer Support:-Your service provider should have a well-reputed and professional support department. You should be able to contact with a representative 24×7 no matter what. Most providers offer different levels of support, such as email, toll-free phone, live chat etc. Preferably, the support department should be in-house and not out-sourced.
  • Archiving and Storage:-There is nothing worse than a cluttered email inbox that does not allow for sorting e-mails. There could be a large number of emails that you do not want to delete. So make sure that the mail provider has adequate storage for archiving and options for scaling as well.
  • Email-environment:-There should be provision to access email from mobile devices, tablets or from any environment because many customers can have different type of devices. They should be able to get their emails no matter what they are using.
  • Add-on Features:-Email provider should have extra features like calendar, contact management, task management etc. The host of extra features will make the task easier for the end user.

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