Cloud vs conventional hosting

September 25, 2015 - 3 minutes read
Cloud hosting vs conventional hosting

Cloud hosting vs conventional hosting

Being a True Cloud hosting provider, this is a question we get asked quite often, and not without reason. Cloud hosting usually carries the impression of being more expensive, locking you into a particular platform etc. But we’d like to argue to the contrary.

Let’s begin with some of the key benefits of moving to Achtung Cloud’s true cloud hosting:

  • Scalability: Why invest in oversized hardware when your cloud instance can scale on demand to match any peaks in traffic that your business might attract
  • Security: Our Infrastructure comes with three layers of security, a network wide firewall to keep unwanted viruses/intruders out. A mail filter to keep spam and email viruses in check and a DDoS shield to protect against and instantly mitigate even the most potent Denial of Service attacks.
  • Redundancy: We take pride in the fact that our cloud platform has 100% redundancy built into it. From the control environment to data storage to actual processing hardware, not to mention the dual independent network connections (at least) and dual independent power supply. No hardware failure will ever bring down your service, that’s a promise.
  • Speed: This is usually where you read about our state of the art hardware and high performance components that power our infrastructure systems but hey, doesn’t everybody do that. With a choice of 14 network locations to choose from, along with a dedicated in-house distributed content delivery system, let’s just say we wouldn’t shy away from competition.
  • Sharpshooting support: Achtung Labs’ support teams are the best at what they do, with over 10 years of industry experience in most of the supported technologies, leave the server management to the experts while you focus on growing and nurturing your business.
  • Control: Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had the same level of control over your hosted IT hardware that you have over your everyday business operations, we thought so too, and that’s why absolutely nothing happens on your cloud without your approval.

Which brings us back to the common misconceptions about the cloud:

  • Cloud Hosting is actually cheaper! Leveraging the built in redundancy of the cloud architecture, you are saved the cost of maintaining backups, having to restore those backups or worse, loose business because of downtime caused by hardware failure. Further, being inherently scalable, upgrading your cloud server is usually a seamless process, and disk upgrades do not require you to move your data to new physical systems everytime.
  • The cloud, when deployed at the infrastructure level actually gives you a surprising amount of control over your choice of platform, allowing you to choose almost any platform for your services.

Still not convinced? Why not try out a full featured trial, no questions asked and find out! Speak to our representative for more information.